Jitsugen (realisation)

I never wondered plight of that girl you know …

She was always there


Always listening and just once wanted to get addressed….

Wanted to feel how it is like to be yourself….

(dammit someone tell her this world is not for those stupids)

Always gave this excuse to myself….

How could I forget that she was the one giving me strength when I was shattered….

Her little hands caressing my head when others just baffled….

But here comes the need to revive that poor thing….

You might wonder what I’m just mumbling….

And who that girl might be…..

Well that’s my true self who’s now scribbling this poetry…..

© AprendiZ


Naikan (introspection)…

Yes she was alone…

But now grown…

To a better person who loved introspection…

Never regretted her decisions…

They laughed mistaking her solitude as lonliness…

She laughed at their ignorance…

What they thought was a cage inside her brain…

Was her escape from the world of pain…

In that world she was a free bird…

Where the beating heart and her thoughts were preserved…

How could she expain…

Her companion was not lonliness, because it was a malaise…

Her friend was solitude, that for her was grace…

The key to her self absorption…

To the world where her soul was free from any detention….


The three days quote challenge #day 3

Today is the last day of this beautiful challenge so thanks a lot nefilibata 💕 for giving me this beautiful task.

So the quote for today is

Never giving up is the trait that life teaches us with time… The trait that makes us understand that what matters is the journey and not the destination 😊.

Thanks again nefilibata and here ends my challenge. Hope I did well..

Happy blogging everyone 😊💕

The 3 days quote challenge #day 2.

Thanks again nefelibata for nominating me to the 3 days quote challenge 💕♥️ ,

Please check out her blog it is undoubtedly beautiful 😊.

So the quote for the day is :

As the quote says, the most beautiful thing with which you can decorate your soul is simplicity. Those who can solve the mystery of simplicity get the ultimate serenity.

Happy blogging everyone 😊

The 3 days quote challenge # day 1.

In this beautiful world of blogging, I found another wonderful writer nefelibata who no doubt is an amazing and talented person. I loved her work and I know you all are going to love it too once you see it. So please do check out her blog , I assure you won’t regret it 😊.

Well thanks a lot nefelibata for nominating me to the 3 days quote challenge 💕♥️ , it really means a lot.

As today is friendship day, and wordpress was the thing that gave me so many beautiful blogger friends when I needed them the most, and still am getting the love and support from them I want to thank you all for joining me. I mean it ♥️. I never thought I’d get 500 followers and that too so soon… Thank y’all and you all are wonderful and beautiful. Always stay blessed and happy 😊.

So here’s the quote just for you all

Once again a big thank you….

Happy blogging everyone 💕

Hitorigoto (soliloquy)..

“Remember”….she asked???

“Yeah I’m the one you might not remember….. Stupid me….

Thought I was someone no matter how many times you said I’ll never be….

Yes you used and threw me away like that only….

But trust me it wasn’t your fault ….well at least that’s what I can see…..

The fault I said just lies with me…. Pretending it never happened and I wasn’t embarrassed,

showing the signs of fake glee….

But thank you I must say

Because you made me realise my worth…. To the girl who never believed….

Never thought about herself and just needed a little sympathy…..

And now what you explained as sympathy…. I realised was humility

A thunderbolt shooked her as she realised she was in soliloquy talking to her all time favorite friend :mirror,

Drenched with blood of her beloved self,

Yes her own soul, She thought everyone was kind. but no !!that might not be true….

This “today” changed her point of view …..

Tarnished her belief…..

But then “don’t worry dear whatever happened was a credencecried her soul relieved…..

© AprendiZ

The enigmatic Euphoria …

There she stands….

An enigma she was….

Trying to forget it all….

But useless the efforts were….

How could she forget her thoughts....

The very essence of her existence that were….

“And alone I am” she sighed….

Poor thing unable to realise….

That there were her thoughts which never left her side….

Just because she was running away they were out of her sight….

But later she did,

She did woke up….

And embracing her melancholy she held her head high

The melancholy that was an enigma hidden beind the euphony of her eyes…


The lyrical challenge 🎶# DAY 3

So here’s my final day of the lyrical challenge, but manyyyy songs are left which I love and wanted to share…. You know music cannot be compared and neither can be ranked…

At first I wanted to put “Haley’s Lie” here, but at the same time I’m so obsessed with Bebe’s new single

“don’t get any closer “….

Well both of them are my love ♥️♥️but my today’s blog will feature Bebe Rexha 💓

So here’s the song

Don’t get any closer

Hope you’d like it 😊

Well here are my nominees

Writing with an open heart

Zarbakht Bilal


Happy blogging 😊😊😊

Three days lyrical challenge 🎶# DAY 1

There is a beautiful quote that goes on like

“Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats!! “

I want to thank a beautiful blogger Elly.. for nominating me to this 3 days lyrical challenge. Thank you so much dear, it truly means a lot ♥️..

I am a music lover undoubtedly and it is my escape, my peace as well as my source of enlightenment and way out of trouble many times!

… Please do check out her beautiful work

I assure that your soul will smile as mine does 😊.

This is one of my favorites and gives me hope all of the times…

The beauty of it’s lyrics and beats

Can be felt easily as it goes straight into one’s heart and makes one ponder over the beautiful existence of Almighty …

That HE is always there and it is only a matter of opening the eyes and feeling HIS presence.

I hope you will love this song and my nominees for this challenge are:


Nirant Gaurav


PS : I’m extremely sorry to all my friends for not being active on blogging these days due to a little hustle going on

Also I want to apologize to




As they nominated me for various awards but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to take part…. But it means a lot to me and thank you all ♥️

I’ll try to blog soon and cry my heart out via my poems !

Happy blogging everyone 😊