I never wondered plight of that girl you know …

She was always there


Always listening and just once wanted to get addressed….

Wanted to feel how it is like to be yourself….

(dammit someone tell her this world is not for those stupids)

Always gave this excuse to myself….

How could I forget that she was the one giving me strength when I was shattered….

Her little hands caressing my head when others just baffled….

But here comes the need to revive that poor thing….

You might wonder what I’m just mumbling….

And who that girl might be…..

Well that’s my true self who’s now scribbling this poetry…..

© AprendiZ


11 thoughts on “Jitsugen (realisation)

  1. A powerful indictment of society’s (and sometimes personal) overall uncaring attitude towards those “lesser” than us, those not as “acceptable” as us, “others.” I see some real pain in this poem. It came at a cost. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      1. Why do I understand it so well? Because at one time in my life I was that “other,” you know, the one who wasn’t quite good enough, wore hand-me-down clothes that, even if still good quality, weren’t in style. I was the one whose peers when not being openly hostile were cold and uncaring. So, yes, I understand it. I lived it. But most importantly, dear friend, I got over it and got on with my life.

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