So dark but still through the stars it seeks for the light….

During these nights I usually muse….

Introspcting this soul that is tarnished and abused….

I sigh and search for answer….

Why did you do that, weren’t you supposed to be my protector ….

Hideous thoughts never intimidated your soul I ask….

Kindness died inside you or maybe there wasn’t anything of that sort inside …. Alas!

Still remember those fiendish fingers lingering over my waist….

The demon which consumed light from this soul, savouring the entire taste….

The grave terror of that night and the screams that never came out….

Something died that day…. Yeah that was my soul, no doubt ….

So many things changed that night….

You showcased your malice and that pushed me towards this plight….

Nightmares have become my companions all thanks to you….

I can’t sleep often, yeah this shit is true….

So that’s why I’m so weird ,talking to this raven sky ….

Can’t forget that devil, no matter how many times I try….

Grateful for only one thing that the universe proteced this physical self somehow….

But what about the faith in people that’ll never be restored now….

“At least this night is not a mirage….” The present calls out!

For the first time ever she breaks away from the shadows of past,

Because of her this deed even the stars are proud….

“Finally we taught her how to not get sabotaged by this darkness….

Now she’ll be the one to never give up and grasp light even from this sadness….. ”

Whispered the stars….

Yes even the brightest smiles are a veil to hide deep scars….

© AprendiZ


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