Hitorigoto (soliloquy)..

“Remember”….she asked???

“Yeah I’m the one you might not remember….. Stupid me….

Thought I was someone no matter how many times you said I’ll never be….

Yes you used and threw me away like that only….

But trust me it wasn’t your fault ….well at least that’s what I can see…..

The fault I said just lies with me…. Pretending it never happened and I wasn’t embarrassed,

showing the signs of fake glee….

But thank you I must say

Because you made me realise my worth…. To the girl who never believed….

Never thought about herself and just needed a little sympathy…..

And now what you explained as sympathy…. I realised was humility

A thunderbolt shooked her as she realised she was in soliloquy talking to her all time favorite friend :mirror,

Drenched with blood of her beloved self,

Yes her own soul, She thought everyone was kind. but no !!that might not be true….

This “today” changed her point of view …..

Tarnished her belief…..

But then “don’t worry dear whatever happened was a credencecried her soul relieved…..

© AprendiZ


The enigmatic Euphoria …

There she stands….

An enigma she was….

Trying to forget it all….

But useless the efforts were….

How could she forget her thoughts....

The very essence of her existence that were….

“And alone I am” she sighed….

Poor thing unable to realise….

That there were her thoughts which never left her side….

Just because she was running away they were out of her sight….

But later she did,

She did woke up….

And embracing her melancholy she held her head high

The melancholy that was an enigma hidden beind the euphony of her eyes…


The lyrical challenge 🎶# DAY 3

So here’s my final day of the lyrical challenge, but manyyyy songs are left which I love and wanted to share…. You know music cannot be compared and neither can be ranked…

At first I wanted to put “Haley’s Lie” here, but at the same time I’m so obsessed with Bebe’s new single

“don’t get any closer “….

Well both of them are my love ♥️♥️but my today’s blog will feature Bebe Rexha 💓

So here’s the song

Don’t get any closer

Hope you’d like it 😊

Well here are my nominees

Writing with an open heart

Zarbakht Bilal


Happy blogging 😊😊😊

Three days lyrical challenge 🎶# DAY 1

There is a beautiful quote that goes on like

“Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats!! “

I want to thank a beautiful blogger Elly.. for nominating me to this 3 days lyrical challenge. Thank you so much dear, it truly means a lot ♥️..

I am a music lover undoubtedly and it is my escape, my peace as well as my source of enlightenment and way out of trouble many times!

… Please do check out her beautiful work

I assure that your soul will smile as mine does 😊.

This is one of my favorites and gives me hope all of the times…

The beauty of it’s lyrics and beats

Can be felt easily as it goes straight into one’s heart and makes one ponder over the beautiful existence of Almighty …

That HE is always there and it is only a matter of opening the eyes and feeling HIS presence.

I hope you will love this song and my nominees for this challenge are:


Nirant Gaurav


PS : I’m extremely sorry to all my friends for not being active on blogging these days due to a little hustle going on

Also I want to apologize to




As they nominated me for various awards but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to take part…. But it means a lot to me and thank you all ♥️

I’ll try to blog soon and cry my heart out via my poems !

Happy blogging everyone 😊

Blogger Recognition Award!!!

The world of blogging is an amazing one filled with so many beautiful surprises… And I never thought that I would encounter so many beautiful souls here and even make beautiful friends 😊…

It was surely a wise decision to come here and express myself out… And one of that beautiful soul, who also became a friend of mine in no time is Ayesha to whom I want to thank a lot for nominating me to Blogger Recognition Award … Thank you so much dear it means a lot to me ❤😊….

Please do check out her amazing blog , I assure that ayesha’s diary is as beautiful as her soul ❤…

Why I came here , well just to cry my heart out … You know my way out of gloom is to write and trust me doing this helped me a lot , it simply gave me that ambrosia which saved my life


My two advices are :

⭐ Always speak and write from heart as it will always be the most beautiful thing you’ll ever do and the genuine one’s will understand it too…

⭐ Never judge your own potential or doubt your own worth because you are the only one who can brighten up your soul and make things beautiful …

My nominees are :



Abhijit Padmakumar

Well that was it 😊 , happy blogging ❤

Widerstand (resistance)…

Confusions….. and just confusions

Bondages with no freedom….

Sometimes life is stuck at that very point….

Well haven’t I warned,

Or didn’t I just tell them

If you push me there I won’t return even if my soul pleads….

Even if you flaunt you’ve changed the deeds ….

Because the truth is that the thread is broken just like my heart….

And no matter how much you try

The knots of the broken thread will keep us apart !!!

© AprendiZ

PS : my all time favorite RAVEN ❤

The liebster award !!!

So life surely is an unexpected ride…. The introverted soul who was unable to express the thoughts is getting such a kind and wonderful support in the world of blogging…. Chosing to blog was honestly a blind fold hit and I never thought that my poetry would get so much of love….. I’m so thankful to @Mehakkhorana for nominating me for the liebster award 😊💞💞💞💞…. She is a wonderful artist and her work always leaves me mesmerised !!!! Please do check out her work, your soul will smile as my does…


Answers to Mehak’s questions :-

⭐ Well sometimes the real dark phases induce you to escape from the reality… And my only way out from problems was to write… So this time I dared to share my work through WordPress and magically it worked!!! That’s why I found so many beautiful souls like you ❤

⭐ Bibliophile, introvert, nature- lover

⭐ Kindness , simply treating others like you do yourself is kinda expensive now a days ..

⭐ I just mentioned some countries in other nomination so I’ll mention my other things from bucket list 😊

❤ Alaska, obviously I want to see the northern lights!!!!!

⭐ Well I do have a bunch of memories, but if I had to mention one

It was when I first time held my little sister in my arms after she was born , the beauty in her innocent eyes used to steal away all types of worldly stress that came in my head!!!

⭐ My definition of a perfect day would be getting up early and going for a walk with my dog( as I’m so lucky to be born in such a wonderful place) , then getting back home and having a cup of coffee, then just reading a bit, listening music and playing guitar, watching my favorite anime, playing with my sister, again going for a beautiful walk with my loved ones this time or simply talking to the most important people and finally writing on WordPress ❤,

Well I think I have covered all!

⭐ I woul mention another book as I also did one previously,

This Time it is a fiction

Angel Trilogy by LA weatherly a simple but beautiful novel and is surely my ❤ !! It is because of its unpredictable story line , the beautiful love story, forgiveness and sacrifice …

⭐ To heal the souls of people and make them realise how joyful it is to be good, make them change their minds so that they could stop hurting others unintentionally ….

⭐ I do have a pious soul by my side always who is my teacher, my friend and knows about me more than I do…. We used to go to school together since I was a small kid and even now the bond is same… I don’t even know how to thank her for always being there and teaching me everything about life… I can just promise her that I won’t change ever and be there with her just like she is… Truly she is a blessing to me!!❤

So 10 random facts about me :-

⭐ I’m an introvert and you might have known by now and have EDD : extremely dumb disorder that’s why I’m unable to see the truth behind people’s eyes…

⭐ I looove reading books…

⭐ I am not at all good at cracking jokes but I do crack them 😂😂😂…you see how much hope I have! Another bad one.

⭐ I love playing guitar.

⭐ I’m an anime lover and my favorite is Fairly Tail 👆❤

⭐ I’m not at all good in making Friends but I do cherish them if they come… Maybe that’s why I have only a few but they are the most pious one’s I could ever have…

⭐ I love children as they are so innocent and beautiful and cute ❤❤❤❤

⭐ I love birds and nature and surprisingly love to go on random nature walks all by myself ❤

⭐ I love learning different languages and am currently learning French by myself (trying at least and sometimes failing terribly😂)

⭐ I loooove traveling ❤

Well I just cannot say that any one blog is my favorite because every single person I encounter on WordPress is Amazing in their own way…but I do have read a beautiful something yesterday and please do read it from the amazing and inspiring in Ancient Sky at https://wp.me/p4KtoN-5v1 … “Even the sun surrenders “A beautiful poetry that I loved for some reason…. I personally love his blog and his work that although is simple but amazing at the same time , please do check that out if you haven’t, it is so beautiful. It might be an understatement even if I’ll try to express it….

But again I read so many beautiful things on this wonderful WordPress that I am unable to express in words….. There are so talented people out here and I’m blessed to enjoy their work..

And here are my nominees for the liebster award :-


Nirant Gaurav






My questions to the nominees :-

⭐ Your favorite song and why ?

⭐ The most beautiful incident of your life .

⭐ Your definition of happiness.

⭐ If one thing you could change in world what would it be ?

⭐ Define life in a single sentence .

⭐ What is the dream you want to achieve no matter what.. your passion.

⭐ Why do you like blogging ?

So that’s it 😊…once again a huge thanks to Mehak ❤ ...

Happy blogging ❤⭐

Okyakusama ( the guest )….

Knock Knock!
“Who’s there” I cried…

“It’s me ” my sadness smiled…

Oh you came again ” I sighed….

Yes I came dear , but not to hurt you

I want to teach you that we don’t appreciate the good times if the clouds don’t come…

That there is no rainbow without rain and sun….

That diamonds too come from deep dark mines…

And without the dark even stars cannot shine…

That every cloud has a silver lining,

no matter it may be so dark…

That joy comes only when we defeat the terror,

The terror that is stark….”

I suddenly realised that my whining was replaced by an euphony of ecstasy

And my sadness taught me the greatest lesson of life….

That happiness will come to those who will constantly strive…

© AprendiZ

The sunshine blogger award !

I am sooooo thankful to Ayesha for nominating me to the sunshine blogger award.. Blogging has really aroused the passion I had for writing but what I was kinda losing

and also the belief of having really kind people by your side has been restored 😊…

Thanks a lot Ayesha ….

Please do check out her wonderful work at ayesha.blog

Rules :

My answers :

1) My favorite novel is “Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Album” because it really made me understand the beauty of life and death as well….it gave me uncountable beautiful lessons!

2) Frozen . A beautiful animated movie that widened the stereotypical perspective of true love.

3) To make my loved ones proud of me…. (And to play guitar with my father in concert , when I’ll learn it completely 😌😁)

4) Concert ❤

5) Charlie Chaplin ❤

6) Night… Because it is the me time , …I talk to myself, read , write and reflect .

7) can’t they be two 😶

Japan and Italy ( venice ❤)

8) A life beyond expectations ❤ it is so beautiful and inspiring..

9) I enjoy writing blogs because they help me express my ideas and thoughts… And even sometimes help me control my emotional turmoils ( they are a wonderful escape that a soul desires sometimes)…

10) This award is just like a sunshine that brightened my day and soul today…. I am so glad that there are some kind people out there who like my work 😊

My nominees :



Ravindra Nayak




Ancient Skies

Shantanu Baruah



Questions :

Happy Blogging 😊 !!