“Remember”….she asked???

“Yeah I’m the one you might not remember….. Stupid me….

Thought I was someone no matter how many times you said I’ll never be….

Yes you used and threw me away like that only….

But trust me it wasn’t your fault ….well at least that’s what I can see…..

The fault I said just lies with me…. Pretending it never happened and I wasn’t embarrassed,

showing the signs of fake glee….

But thank you I must say

Because you made me realise my worth…. To the girl who never believed….

Never thought about herself and just needed a little sympathy…..

And now what you explained as sympathy…. I realised was humility

A thunderbolt shooked her as she realised she was in soliloquy talking to her all time favorite friend :mirror,

Drenched with blood of her beloved self,

Yes her own soul, She thought everyone was kind. but no !!that might not be true….

This “today” changed her point of view …..

Tarnished her belief…..

But then “don’t worry dear whatever happened was a credencecried her soul relieved…..

© AprendiZ


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