There is a beautiful quote that goes on like

“Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats!! “

I want to thank a beautiful blogger Elly.. for nominating me to this 3 days lyrical challenge. Thank you so much dear, it truly means a lot ♥️..

I am a music lover undoubtedly and it is my escape, my peace as well as my source of enlightenment and way out of trouble many times!

… Please do check out her beautiful work

I assure that your soul will smile as mine does 😊.

This is one of my favorites and gives me hope all of the times…

The beauty of it’s lyrics and beats

Can be felt easily as it goes straight into one’s heart and makes one ponder over the beautiful existence of Almighty …

That HE is always there and it is only a matter of opening the eyes and feeling HIS presence.

I hope you will love this song and my nominees for this challenge are:


Nirant Gaurav


PS : I’m extremely sorry to all my friends for not being active on blogging these days due to a little hustle going on

Also I want to apologize to




As they nominated me for various awards but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to take part…. But it means a lot to me and thank you all ♥️

I’ll try to blog soon and cry my heart out via my poems !

Happy blogging everyone 😊