I am sooooo thankful to Ayesha for nominating me to the sunshine blogger award.. Blogging has really aroused the passion I had for writing but what I was kinda losing

and also the belief of having really kind people by your side has been restored 😊…

Thanks a lot Ayesha ….

Please do check out her wonderful work at ayesha.blog

Rules :

My answers :

1) My favorite novel is “Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Album” because it really made me understand the beauty of life and death as well….it gave me uncountable beautiful lessons!

2) Frozen . A beautiful animated movie that widened the stereotypical perspective of true love.

3) To make my loved ones proud of me…. (And to play guitar with my father in concert , when I’ll learn it completely 😌😁)

4) Concert ❤

5) Charlie Chaplin ❤

6) Night… Because it is the me time , …I talk to myself, read , write and reflect .

7) can’t they be two 😶

Japan and Italy ( venice ❤)

8) A life beyond expectations ❤ it is so beautiful and inspiring..

9) I enjoy writing blogs because they help me express my ideas and thoughts… And even sometimes help me control my emotional turmoils ( they are a wonderful escape that a soul desires sometimes)…

10) This award is just like a sunshine that brightened my day and soul today…. I am so glad that there are some kind people out there who like my work 😊

My nominees :



Ravindra Nayak




Ancient Skies

Shantanu Baruah



Questions :

Happy Blogging 😊 !!


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