This is only my very third day on WordPress and I am soooo glad that I was nominated by Himanshi for the mystery blogger award😊…. Honestly I’m so thankful πŸ’…

Himanshi’s blog is so beautiful and any of my words can’t explain that as they might be the underestimation,

It is simply asombroso ( amazing ) ❀!

So please check out her work on

Three things about me:

Β° I’m a book lover and a musicoholic ( love my guitar so much ❀)

Β° I love birds and love to fly ,,

but the weird part is that I’m scared of heights !

Β° I’m an introvert and love to express myself through my art especially by trying to write some poems 😊

Answers to Himanshi’s questions:

Β° my blog is simply me….all that is somehow captured in an introvert’s heart kinda explodes over there….

Β°my life’s inspiration is my grandmother who had taught me to live, feel, care, love ( most importantly to love myself) , patience , sacrifice and believing in myself….

Β° the dream that I won’t get tired of chasing is making my family proud of me someday , and proving to all those negative people that I am somebody and not nobody whom they’ll make doubt her worth….

Β°my motto of a happy life is following my heart and making all those people happy who lie within my heart by simply being myself and doing what I love….

Β° feeding the sparrows early in the morning….

My nominees:

Β° Penfilia

Β° Priscilla Shamin

Β° tides and tidings

Β° ravindra nayak

Β° Poeticbells

Β° Millie

Β° Pia Majumdar

Β° anamikaisblogging

Β° alvarezgalloso

Β° Ana Vdo

Β° OverTheWithers

Β° Ayesha

Β° Shantanu Baruah

Β° thinkinkadia

Β° Vanya Rajwar

Β° MissteriosoDas

Β° Mairi

Β° Thought for Change

Β° Reveuse

My questions to the nominees:

Β° What is life according to you in one word?

Β° Who would be the only person you’d talk to if it was end of your life today and what would it be?

Β° What according to you is the beauty of writing ?

Β° What is the thing that makes you smile no matter how much stressed you are?

Β° The best lesson you’ve learnt from life till now ?

Well once again thanks a lot Himanshi , I hope I answered well 😊……


30 thoughts on “The mystery blogger award!

      1. 😢…but it’s ok…. Alteast we’re connected here… I’ll let you know if i ever go to the twitter and you please tell me same if you ever go on instagram 😊


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