He smacked and thrashed and hit me hard….

I could feel my soul shatter and fall apart….

And in my eyes the pain was so deep….

That even my brave heart could not keep….

But he had to keep me away….

And let that painful symphony play….

For my wounded heart there was no cure….

But my pain was his sinecure….

I failed to understand it before that why this happened…..

But soon I realised that our fates were not entangled….

My heart then said ” beware my dear…

What you feel love is merely fear…..”

For a moment I was fallen apart….

But now I understood the plight of my heart….

My soul was injured and was craving for relief….

And I reassured it with firm belief….

No more injuries from now

I took my oath….

Got up and smacked back that man whom now I deeply loathed….

And for some reason this choice of mine…..

Made my dark and injured soul shine….

© AprendiZ


39 thoughts on “Kaizen ( change ) ⭐

      1. I’m so happy that my work helped me seeing such a beautiful bond between you and your wife and may you two be blessed and together forever💞….may everyone gets this pious bond of love and understand the beauty of life that lies in not hurting but healing….


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